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Date(s) - 09/11/2019
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Ralphs Bay Canal Lauderdale


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IT IS WITH REGRET GENTLEMEN THAT I CANNOT BE THERE SAILING with such worthy sailors as yourselves the cream on my kisser has really kicked in and any light /sun is just to much so sail on and as we always do……. have fun

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  1. Pete

    If the weather is ok I will be there with the DF65.

  2. RonB

    I May be down if my any of my electronic work
    at about 1000 hrs

  3. I will give sailing a miss today, I don’t think the conditions will be that great what with the cold temp, winds and predicted rain.
    Pete, I have your battery extension lead so if you are up in town feel free to call in and pick it up, otherwise I will bring it to Puddleduck on Tuesday.

  4. Pete

    The Canal was in good form – variable wind and a bit of sun. Only Ben and I sailed and we had a visit from Gerald.

  5. Pete

    Also had a visit from a chap who would like a hand (he is happy to pay) to assemble his new RC yacht – a monsoon I think.

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