Another Fly-In

Date(s) - 10/07/2020
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Field -New Access Gate


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Saturday looks like it may be a half decent day for a sail @ The Canal but if enough are interested we could get another Fly-In on Friday.

The start/end time function on the calendar is playing up with the latest update however keep the start @ 11:00 to give the day a chance to warm up after the 3 deg overnight tonight & we should be OK. Finish when everyone runs out of batteries (or planes) probably around 15:00

BBQ can be provided.

As always post your intentions & if there is some interest it can be a goer.

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  1. Ron

    Sadly, I won’t be able to make it as we have a builder coming around.

  2. Hoppy

    I can fly friday or Saturday. This has come up as Saturday on the calendar. (Fixed Day but not time)

  3. Predator

    Looks like at least 4 starters inc me so unless something drastic happens with the weather lets make it 11:00am tomorrow (Friday) at the gate for a fly & BBQ.
    That will leave Saturday free for sailing @ the Canal.

  4. Bad Angel
    Bad Angel

    Sorry grandkids here this and next week…

  5. Ian Milne
    Ian Milne

    That took me by surprise! Thanks Kermit, my faithful one. for the heads-up! I have a lot of make-and-mend before I fly again, so regretfully, not this time. Have fun, my little ones……..

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