Mid Week Fly In

Date(s) - 22/06/2022
10:00 am - 2:30 pm

The Field -New Access Gate


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By Wednesday we will be over the HUMP (Shortest day of the year) and on a slippery slide downwards towards Christmas!!

Weatherwise it looks like Wednesday should be a fair flying day, Thursday is predicted to be a bit warmer however it is also windier & wetter.

I have proposed we fly the same paddock as last week (entry off Rifle Range Rd) however this may possibly change if Kermit reports that access is OK around the shearing shed, probably unlikely with the rain we are still getting on and off.

If you are interested please post your attendance, BBQ will be available courtesy of either Kermit or Mike.

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  1. Ron

    I am interested and will bring along my home made beer can trombe wall passive heater.

  2. Kermit

    the clint eastwood of film making will be there

    1. Well thank you Kermit, I didn’t know you thought so highly of my videography skills.

      Are you sailing @ the Duck tomorrow (Tuesday) ?

      1. Kermit

        Gee I gave that one away didnt I anyway pred you can be clint I will be Cescel de lar mere UNCLE G can be awww who cares

  3. Ian Milne

    Alas, I have family comitments on Weds. (and still sorting out the Trainstar) Have fun!

  4. Kermit

    Gentlemen and UNCLE G……….. IT IS WITH A SORROWFUL HEART that I will now NOT be inattendance at the fly in The dentist rang with an appointment for wednesday an not anorher one for 3 weeks so thats that….. Im sure clint eastwood will do a fine job of filming the days happenings an purhaps the sinker can try to film something as well………………. we can only hope ……. bless him he really tries

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