Monday Fly In

Date(s) - 30/11/2020
10:15 am - 3:00 pm

The Field -New Access Gate


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According to Hoppy, Monday is the most suitable day for flying next week, after looking at the Long Range marine forecast I tend to agree so Monday it is.

All manner of flying things & a BBQ lunch to boot.

Starting time has been moved from our usual 10:30 to 10:15 as I think it may be a tad windy for some after lunch. For others it will make little difference.

As usual please post your intentions.

Footnote: There are some rumours circulating that certain pilots are not happy with the length of the grass at the field at this current time.  As far as the farmer is concerned I’m sure his feed grasses are far more important than our flying so please just suck it up and learn to adjust.

Once the stock is back in the flying paddock they will soon reduce the length of the grass.

Launch from the vehicle tracks (or hand launch) and when landing come in slow and tail down nose up and the grass will make for a nice soft landing spot, certainly softer than the trees!!!

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  1. Uncle G

    I will be there as long as Kermit isn’t in charge!

  2. Ian Milne

    I shall be there…Come on Kermit, get a Cash Point, no one carries that amount of money for long in our group!

  3. Bad Angel

    Can’t make it other commitments..

  4. Kermit

    WELL IFIN the grass is long how about we tip up ol moose an hand walk the beast through the long grass eating as he goes may take a while but it will be cut as for our president yes i agree so lets make it $ 20 for being on the field an a donation to save the green tree frog ok happy? UNCLE G WHY DONT YOU WANT ME IN CHARGE ? if your short on a few bob just ask for a payment extension i wont tell anyone

  5. Hoppy

    I will be there even if Kermit thinks he is in charge which he is not. Happy to send money to save the mooses instead.

    1. Kermit

      That’s cruel hoppy No I wont be in charge but save the mooose come on You don’t save moooooses you put them out into the field to let them eat the grass or shoot em FROGGIES you listen to them you pat them and you support them if endangered best of all their green

  6. Moose

    Yes the Moose will be there
    Mike don’t for get the taranis battery or I won’t be able to fly

    1. Your Taranis battery is already charged and packed Mr Moose. You will be good to fly.

  7. Kermit

    I agree with the predator I always come in slow an tail low he he he Mr predator sir, the fly baby will you be bringing the engine speed up thingi or will I leave her home an I’m waiting for Ryan to take the chopper back for repair just to let every one know why miss piggy will not be jumping JUST A QUICK QUESTION WHATS WITH OUR WICKY fishing …… fishing you can do that any time I’m worried that the boy might have developed crossed fingers (a dreaded
    problem for short time flyers ) just sayin

    1. Yes Kermit, bring the Fly Baby and I’ll bring the esc programmer.
      Don’t tell me you have killed your Phantom again?
      As for Ricky, I’m afraid that this is the time of the year for fishing to take priority, flying is just what you do when you can’t go fishing.

      1. Kermit

        well that sounds just plain wrong …………… the phantom yep we had one lift off with kermit an then next time no prop turn 2 lights only flashing but at start up all four are going

  8. Ricky

    yep,spoton Mike.Haven’t been to many days lately

    1. We got a nice feed of flatties off 7 Mile Beach Saturday week ago but unfortunately missed out this weekend due to work commitments.

  9. Bad Angel

    My baby is airworthy after it’s little incident with froggies big big bad eagle she looks a tad worse for ware but has a smile on her dial and ready for the next fight…opps flight, but unfortuntly will have to wait for another day, just say’n..

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