sailing at the canal

Date(s) - 03/07/2021
All Day

Ralphs Bay Canal Lauderdale


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ONCE again the happy day has arrived  no racing /unless you want to / no pressure  unless UNCLE G turns up  just good ol fashioned fun time  SO  anyone got a preference as to what to sail or just bring what ever as usual   Now is the sad part  I cant be there  got a 80 birthday shindig at a restaurant in Dunalley at 12   GUESS WHERE I WOULD SOONER BE   post your intensions so all can see whatchya gunna do 

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  1. DavidW

    Will be there and maybe bring a granddaughter or two. Bringing both 95 and 65 with choice of rigs to match the prevailing popular choice.

    1. That is no good Pete, we will miss “Pink Bits” carving up the canal. Get well soon!!

  2. Bodge

    Yep I will be there with the 65, and bbq afterwards.

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