Saturday Fly-In

Date(s) - 27/11/2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Shearing Shed - Sandford


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Seems like the general consensus is that Saturday is the preferred day to fly, so be it.

Be there or be square.

No doubt we will be able to rustle up a lunchtime BBQ as well.

Let us know if you will be attending so we have an idea of numbers.

10:00am start.

Please check the calendar Friday evening and again on Saturday morning for any late cancellations or changes.

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  1. Uncle G

    I would like to spend another day with my mate Kermit.

    1. Kermit

      always a pleasure to FLY AND BBQ with a near brother

  2. Hoppy

    Hope someone brings a fire extinguisher. I am back and will be there.

  3. Moose

    If I have to spend time with what’s his name I suppose I could
    I might eat by my self

  4. Kermit

    MY DEAREST COBBER MATE This is how we must talk now so be nice it will be a real pleasure to sit next to you at the BBQ NOW ITS YOUR TURN

  5. Would anyone like some lemons, our tree is loaded & I don’t like seeing them go to waste.
    Let me know if you would like a couple or a lot!!

  6. Andrew

    Yes. I’ll take some lemons. Ta.
    Will also be there. will be there with my brother, so you all will have to be on your best behavior. Ha ha

    1. Kermit

      ANDREW DEAR BOY havent you seen the nice way MR MOOSE AND UNCLE G have been talking this is the new flight crew gone is the GMA love is here were all lovey dovey nowa days We were given a stern warning that we had to change our ways and this is the result……. full of love kindness to our fellow flyers/sailors /joggers…… Your brother will just love us ………………………………………………..JUST SAY’N

    2. Ok, I’ve just picked 40 (and can’t see where they came from) so hopefully that should be enough for everyone, if not let me know & I’ll pick another bagfull in the morning.

  7. Ian Milne

    Looks interesting….. I’ll be there.

  8. Moose

    Yes mike Mrs Moose would like some thanks

  9. SeasideMitch

    Looks like a great day coming up. I will see you all there.👍

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