23 May 2019    
11:00 - 16:00


BA's Hanger
BA's Hanger, Sandford, Tasmania, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by: Bad Angel

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Hello thrill seekers, We are meeting at my hanger for a BBQ lunch and a bit of fix it maintenance stuff along with a bit of getting Ian’s FPV stuff operating correctly then the wind is supposed to bugger off in the arvo so hi ho hi ho off to the farm we go for a fly either fixed wing and or multi rotor or both… The temp is looking good so hopefully it will be a nice day for the gang to come out and play…

don’t forget meet at my place

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  1. Kermit

    A pre arranged 92 year old’s birthday takes precedence over my personal life in this instance however if anna and inger can hold off the beach walk I will leave early ……….REAL EARLY

  2. Just charging the last of my Grand Tundra batteries, will be on the way shortly.
    Sorry Kermit but Anna won’t be attending for the beach walk, unfortunately she has a previous commitment.

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