26 June 2019    
11:00 - 14:00


Well I’ll try again to see if I can get this onto this very frustrating site as my last attempt is somewhere in cyberspace….

I’m sorta game to call for a Wednesday flight as the weather man is telling me that it’s gonna be 4 – 14, with light winds 15 km/h, yeah right, Sunny, yeah right, and no rain, yeah right, well time will tell but this time i’m gonna call a cancel cause last week was just plain bad….

Flight Line CafĂ© will be in full swing hopefully with no rain on the bbq plate and we’ll have a second bbq cause last week we just ran out of space on the plate. so you bunch of old Shelia’s here’s the plan….

Meet @ the Farm gate 1100 hrs (11am for you uneducated) standing to attention your you sausage in hand, batteries charged, thick coats to go with our brains for going out in the cold. I’m informed Ian will have his cross country runners to do his own recovery up over the hill and around the corner, will make for some good video… And I really would like to pass on the C.E.O crown to another contender..please

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  1. Bad Angel

    Ps, Always pays to bring a folding chair or a milk crate to sit on the grass is a tad damp these days

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