16 January 2022    
10:00 - 14:30


The Shearing Shed - Sandford
South Arm Highway, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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There has been talk about flying this Sunday but as there was no Calendar Entry I thought I better put one in.

There may be a shower or two on Sunday but other than that (at this stage anyway) it looks like a prefect flying day with little wind and 22 degrees.

I’ll bring the BBQ again just in case Kermit doesn’t make it.

We can put the sunshades up to keep the rain off if necessary.

I’ll be able to test some of my repairs/mods to the fleet.

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  1. Bad Angel

    No from me not able to get booster as yet and gunna stay away from gatherings until this covid thing sorts it self out

    1. Covid sorting itself out is NOT something that will happen any time soon methinks. You’ll have forgotten how to flyby then !!

  2. Ian Milne

    I shall be there……to fly the Trainstar I hope! No Covid in OUR fully vaccinated group is there?

  3. Hoppy

    I got my booster at MAC02 Macquarie Point with no dramas. I am now going to the cricket on Sunday so if I come flying it will only be a short session and not lunch.

    1. I have a 6:30 start on Sunday, daughter has an early shift @ the RHH and needs a lift to work, I’ll walk the dog straight after that so we can start @ 9:30 if that suits you better Chris.

  4. Ron

    I’ll be there. I have my booster booked for Monday but the social distancing works well out on the field.

    1. I’ve got mine booked in for Saturday evening so I’ll be trippled by Sunday.

  5. Kermit

    THANK YOU ALL for vax info The dragon an I have to wait til feb for the double but with the mask and distancing an common sense, we will have a routine set in place that will work I need to say if your not vaxed consider staying away until you are for the sake of individuals like me our beloved leader..Ian . bad big bad dave…. bad angel ..an anyone else that has a condition that is at risk your days loss could be our life ……… dramatic Narh just fact

    1. Bad Angel

      Totally agree Froggo what concerns me when visitors/invited guests/ maybe gang members fly unvaxed apparently we can’t do anything about that regarding their vax status… easy for me stay away

  6. SeasideMitch

    I have been triple stabbed, but I am going sailing in my skiff🤞 have a good fly.

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