21 May 2019    
10:00 - 13:00


Puddleduck Vinyard
992 Richmond Road, Richmond, Tasmania, 7025, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by: Longtall

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  1. Pete

    No Col tomorrow so I have the buoys in my car. I will charge the 95 batteries after tea. Hope to see good numbers at the Duck.

  2. Kermit

    Does this mean your Cole if this is the case do you take bribes ? if you dont ………would you like some rechargeable battery’s an how about a servo or a winch no pressure Cole mate ………………….I bet your gunna be the best new Cole ever……… we cant call ya cole so why not pinky cole or cole mk 2 ……… any one got any suggestions for our mk2

  3. Might be a chilly start to the morning but winds seem reasonable.
    At this stage I’ll be there

  4. Longtall

    Have fun guys. Col Mk1 will be back next week @ the Duck and hopefully @ the Canal Saturday too.

  5. Pete

    Quite the variable breeze this morning. I found it very frustrating. Those of us that didn’t perform so well blamed the Duck Luck. Only thing is the same sailors were always at the sharp end of the fleet.
    Stuart had the biggest win of the day in the last race. At one stage he was about half an hour ahead of the rest of the fleet. He managed to lap me as I struggled with the conditions and the weed.
    The conditions weren’t great but the company was superb. Thanks guys.

  6. Kermit

    Well Cole pinkie mk2 wasnt far off the money the way I saw it was this way On race one Kermits green machine lapted the field an won …..a boat similar size to Kermit’s came second and third was a boat length behind number two boat Second race was won by the Green Machine and a yacht ….. the race was so close to call that Kermit gave the race to the other fella because that’s the sort of fella he is Third race was a wipe out for the field for it was a outstanding feat of seamanship the way the green machine blitzed the field to come home once again top dog …… second was someone an third was the other fella Many thanks must go to Cole Pinkie MK2 for the days setup ..Predator for his bell thingi an every one who tossed a buoy in and of couse the losers OPPPS FELLOW SAILORS ………. so help me god that’s the truth

  7. Pete

    Sorry Kermit but I must have missed seeing the exploits of the green machine. Reckon it was due to all the tears.

  8. Longtall

    Well sounds like the crew had an interesting day @ the Duck. Had a bit on, but will be back with you next week for some more DF goodness.
    Any pics or reports (apart from Kermit slightly biased one)?

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