2 July 2019    
10:00 - 12:00


Puddleduck Vinyard
992 Richmond Road, Richmond, Tasmania, 7025, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by : Longtall

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  1. Kermit

    ol PINKI wont be there either so the field of opponents is diminishing now if UNCLE G cant make it an LONG TALL and then half of the others I’m in with a chance YAH HOOO

    1. Uncle G

      Don’t worry Kermit I will be there! (weather permitting)

  2. Longtall

    Don’t get too comfortable Kermie!!

  3. Kermit

    UNCLE G i beleave the weather is going to be rough very rough so it might be advisable for a man of your age to remain home for the day just to be safe look at pred ………crook almost dead what’s a yacht race against your health an then long tall we can handle the races for you dear boy have a day off stay by the fire keep warm let us spred our wings see how we go I will take over the score book and report my wins to you later AT LEAST THINK ABOUT IT

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