19 March 2019    
10:00 - 13:00


Puddleduck Vinyard
992 Richmond Road, Richmond, Tasmania, 7025, Southern Tasmania

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It’s time to dust off the 95 and charge up those batteries as we head off into the sunset once more!

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  1. Looks like light to very light E/SE winds for tomorrow morning after a very early N/Westerly so at may be a bit slow tomorrow but I will be there.

  2. Pete

    I would like to launch my “new” black version 5 DF65. This is the hull that has been maturing in my shipping container for the last 15 months. How long will it take for this hull to develop cracks and leak?

  3. Longtall

    I’d give it 3 months Pete!
    Looking forward to some ‘normal’ friendly racing again.

    1. You are probably right with 3 months, I think that’s about how long my white V5 lasted before the bow cracked.

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