16 April 2019    


Puddleduck Vinyard
992 Richmond Road, Richmond, Tasmania, 7025, Southern Tasmania

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DF’s @ the Duck – DF65’s

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  1. Longtall

    Yes, looks great, 8 – 14 knots (14 – 25km/hr) from the North and mostly clear skies. The Merry Men Of Puddleduck Pond come out to play!

  2. Predator

    Sorry guys but we won’t make Puddleduck sailing again this week, unfortunately according to the forecast tomorrow (Tuesday) is the best flying day before Easter so we are off to the Farm again.

    I will take a guess and say that will include Kermit, Uncle G, Bro & yours truly from the Puddleduck gang.

  3. Kermit

    yes fellow sailors what predator has said IS true and as im the only real qualified CFI I should be there to make sure every one stays behind the flight line and enforces the strict rule of not playing with their joystick behind the flight line before the CFI does BARON kermit la frog

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