9 June 2020    
11:00 - 15:00


The Field -New Access Gate
1 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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First Cal entry so here goes. based on the thread discussion in the Forum section Moose, Uncle G and myself would like to fly Tuesday 11am. Lets fly as far away from trees as possible for the Moose.

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  1. Bad Angel

    Ok for me but I really think you should have said far away from the trees for BA, just a thought I may have to miss out depending how I go with editing a live show I’m videoing Monday night that has to be completed and uploaded for Tuesday evening viewing..

  2. Well done Hoppy. A perfect calendar entry.

    Tuesday should be OK for me.
    May not have the Bix 2 completed but I’ll find something to fly.

  3. SeasideMitch

    Can’t make it until after the house has been sprayed for spiders etc. I might be able to make it around 12 Noon

  4. Ian Milne

    Have fun my young friends……try not to prang too much! IanRM

  5. Ian Milne

    Go easy on our native spiders , Mitch!

  6. Kermit

    DA FROG WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE AWAITING final approval as 2ic as there is no other suitable candidate I shall have the black boy in the air after I get the donk working GOOD POST THERE HOPPY

  7. Bad Angel

    I can get there now just finished my editing… the bent black thing will return to the air… I’ve started a trend bro Terry in nz now has a black bix AND Ketmit had to copy cat as well, well I suppose I’m Kermit’s hero afterall so thats ok… Black Planes Matter…

  8. SeasideMitch

    I was planning to be there nice and early, but after hearing the crash chanting from the coven of witches I have decided I couldn’t possibly face that blackness again. Who knows what could happen – so sad.

    the truth is the concrete r has decide to come tomorrow so I am not allowed out to play “crash”

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