6 February 2020    
10:30 - 15:00


The Field
156 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by: Mike

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It has been suggested that Thursday may be a suitable Fly-In day @ the Field so this is a tentative post.
We will need to confirm later in the week whether the winds predicted for early in the week have abated or not so as usual please post your interest in attending & keep an eye out mid week for any cancellations or changes.

With the weather as its been lately we can only hope.


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  1. Kermit

    AS 2.IC OF THE FIELD FLYING GROUP may I say what a magnificent post you have put up predator sir,such a pleasure to open the calendar and see a post from you requesting members to acknowledge their intentions in the possible flying event forthcoming I on the other hand would have posted the same add as put ya hands up ya buggars whose flyin direct …..not polite…. just rough One day I might get as good as you REGARDS KERMIT LA FROG 2IC FIELD FLYING (next president )

  2. Bad Angel

    Yeah nuh sounds like a plan 😁

  3. Kermit

    In reference to BA first message it appears to not make sense do you have a Chinese fella staying at your place a Mr Sukole there is no other message attached bring him along if we fly dear boy Ricky said he is interested in meeting him and it sounds good for Uncle G to meet him as well

  4. Moose

    Well now
    What a great idea to go flying yes the Moose will be there

  5. Ian Milne

    I’ll be interested, either Wed or Thurs. Good scheme!

  6. Ian Milne

    I note that certain Kermi-type creatures have anticipated the succession of our hierarchy. To quote from Porgy and Bess…”It Ain’t Necessarily So!”…. Watch it!

  7. Bad Angel

    My dearest leader oh humble one and president for life, protector of our beloved ‘CLUB’ and loyal servants this little green thingy appears to have self promoted himself to deputy this is not the case as per the AGM of 2019 and contrary to part 2 subsection 7(a) ((b) of Flight Line Gang Act 1978. Dearest leader do you require the boys to pay him a visit one dark night to sort this small issue to a final conclusion ? 😎 Signed, your faithful servant BA

  8. Kermit

    MY GOD….. MY DEAREST LEADER “faithful servant” ………NARH sounds like Mr Sukole is still at BA’s house

  9. Ian Milne

    My dear Kermit, our own loyal Bad Angel, who has a proper sense of respect for those in Exalted positions, is drawing your attention to the phrase “President for Life”………which is no mean or trivial statement but enforceable by “extreme unction”……He’s not called “Bad Angel” for nothing!

  10. Bad Angel

    I should also add to my dearest leaders comment that his presidency will carry on also into the after life so that’s the FLG’s definition of ‘President for Life’ which the appropriate amendments will be added to our constitution at 2020’s AGM, I bow to thee oh wise one.

  11. Bad Angel

    Ps, Mr Sukhole is still in residence at down town Sandford

  12. Kermit

    MR PRESIDENT I meant no disrespect for the holy of holiest positions a mere mortal can hold in this life I was only implying that heaven forbid you are taken from this place to a better one …………like AVERO DERWENT WATERS RETIREMENT VILLAGE OR EUREKA GARDENS “there are so many” and you cannot perform the duties to our institution that is required so for an easy transition I would as 2IC ease into that exalted position with out unnecessary bureaucracy or from lesser qualified wanna bee who employs Chinese people a Mr. Sukole comes to mind so lets not hear any more about mis information or Chinese torturer being inflicted I remain a most loyal el president in waiting KERMIT LA FROG next president.

  13. Ian Milne

    I forgive you, my son…Go in peace and sin no more….

  14. Bad Angel

    My dearest Mr the bestest loveliest wise President elected for this and the next how many lives ‘WHAT’ you have been sucked in and now forgiven the green thingy for his lies, please reconsider your above decision and place a ‘fatwa’ on his head for the lies and finger pointing and sukoling along with insulting my oriental gentleman friend Mr Sukole…
    Signed you obedient loyal underling BA

  15. Moose

    My Dear fellow flyers could you please leave Mr Kermit La Frog alone as he is a very sensitive individual
    Thank you

  16. Kermit


  17. Kermit

    IM MUCH INDEBTED TO MY DEAR FRIEND (THE MOOSE )FOR HIS UNSOLICITED RESPONCE TO THIS MALICIOUS ATTACK ON MY REPUTATION AND CREDIBILITY its friends like him that make my position as 2IC that much more rewarding ……….. god bless you Mr moose

  18. SeasideMitch

    I will see you all there for the next fly attempt of poor old Red Plane. how long will it stay in the air?

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