Fly-in @ The Field


18 February 2020    
10:15 - 15:00


The Field
156 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by: Mike

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Checking the long range forecast for next week shows that (at this stage) Tuesday will be the best flying day again.

It may change but as usual register your interest & we will see what happens.

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  1. Predator

    I was thinking about sailing The Duck this week, but we can’t pass up another good flying day, they are too few & usually too far between.

  2. Bad Angel

    Can do a quickie gotta see the eye people in the arvo so would have to leave just a tad after midday

    1. Predator

      For me flying won out again this week however I reckon I had better get back to Puddleduck next Tuesday, only 3 more weeks to the Peter Smith DF65 Memorial event. (Saturday – 7th March)

      Oh well, if you are sailing I guess you will have to wait for the video to see the “Gooney Bird” – ASW-28 fly (hopefully)

  3. Ian Milne

    Oh Good! I’ve missed out a few… looking forward to a fly!

    1. Predator

      I was just about to send you a reminder but I see you have it all under control.

  4. Kermit

    MR PRESIDENT SIR I RESPECTFULLY RETURN THE LEADERSHIP BACK TO YOU there have been a few changes under my leadership for instance don’t bring lunch that is now supplied by Kentucky fried chicken store next week its liv eat that’s a store for organic stuff (thinking of you there ) so I thank you for the opportunity to set this adventure up Regards KERMIT LA FROG 2IC FLIGHT LINE GANG

  5. Kermit

    NOPE CANT BE THERE I have sails to pick up and pay for from 3 weeks back

  6. Ian Milne

    Oh Kermit! Can you really pass up a fly for some sails? Think of all those intrepid parachutists, Miss Piggy, Kermit Jr, etc that will be deprived of your assistance tomorrow! Think again , my Kermit…….. Thank you Mike; I’m keeping a better check on things these days! Please kick me along if you don’t hear of me by deadline!

  7. Kermit

    in reply to predators comment ” poor excuse ” I have sacrificed not flying the finished sky surfer and the beloved grey thingi to honour an outstanding debt and the other comment ” self appointed 2ic ” our beloved leader ONCE AGAIN acknowledge my position as 2ic in last weeks notice so self appointed I think not I do this job not for the glory nor the accolades but for the members well being and to assist our great leader in the running of the flight line gang so there beat that Is the furry thing still crook ( MOOOSE ) does he still have a hoof in the air

  8. Bad Angel

    Talk about excuses I hereby forthwith formally revoke the self appointed 2IC position which I say was also not legal under part 3 subsection 1(a) (b) of the Flight Line Gang constitutional records of 1743 proclamation of 1744 by his honour King Kong esq. For and on behalf of our dear leader president Ian for life and after life..BA 😎

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