24 March 2020    
11:00 - 15:00


The Field
156 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by : Mike

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At this stage Tuesday afternoon looks the best day to fly.
Perhaps an 11:00 am start to give the wind a chance to drop out while we have lunch. Bring your own cut lunch as the consensus is no community BBQ in the foreseeable future.

There is also a possibility that Friday may be OK but I wont be available till after midday.

Post if you are interested & we can see what the weather does.

Please note starting time is 11:00am unless the majority wish to start earlier. I think it may be a bit windy till late morning/early afternoon

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  1. Ian Milne

    OK……Hope to have my Bix3 ready by then!

  2. Bad Angel

    Should be ok at this stage.. Don’t forget the new social distancing rules in the humpy about three people max, about 4 square metres per person isn’t it, might bring a sandwich and thermos to have in the field just may be a more sensible idea at this stage so all of us oldies stay safe and doing our part by not being complacent, just saying..

    1. Predator

      Yes we oldies must take all necessary precautions.
      If anyone still wants a BBQ lunch we would be better to take the cooker down the field like we used to and stay out of the humpy alltogether till things start to improve. Much easier to maintain the social separation distances out in the middle of the field. More time for flying then.

      Also, it goes without saying, if you are feeling unwell for any reason then stay away until you recover.

  3. Hoppy

    BA I agree. Communal bbqs are not sensible at the moment.

  4. SeasideMitch

    It all sounds like a plan although I will have to leave soon after lunch so only a quick catch up and a little flying for me. See you all there from a social isolation distance

  5. Moose

    Whats wrong with you guys all this social isolation rubbish wont worry me.
    Because I wont be There
    Have a great day Fellows
    Cheers to all and be safe

  6. Bad Angel

    Why not can the bbq just bring a few snacks more time to fly alot easier less messy no cleaning etc….

  7. Ian Milne

    Yes, wise words…picnic on the tailgate much the most sensible. My C-17 will ensure social isolation!

  8. Kermit


  9. Kermit

    A few words Had a giggle about B.A s words “so all of us oldies stay safe ” he doesn’t qualify he’s way past that ( neanderthal man comes to mind ) an then our beloved president with the wise words ” My C-17 will ensure social isolation ” hardly……. isn’t still in Asia an predator ” Moose, did you get your Phoenix Flight Simulator working? the dear ol thing cant even put his socks on so how could he possibly know how to start a computer lastly HOPPY….. NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE agrees with BA ………… EVER . ……..just sayin

  10. Ron

    11:00 is good for me tomorrow. I’ll see you all there 🙂 Good idea to bring a packed lunch rather than too many inside the club room.

  11. Bad Angel

    Geez the frog came down a bit heavy on me this week, he’s a brave boy hiding behind his beautiful wifey’s apron strings, I have a long memory along with the other thing… 😎

  12. Kermit

    For the life of me I cant figure out what the other thing is the dear boy is talking about ? as one female politician once said ” please explain “………. he he

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