23 October 2019    
11:00 - 15:00


The Field
156 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by: Bad Angel

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Well hello you bunch of old tarts, me again yes the gun weather man…. well.
Anyway I’m making a call for Wednesday which is a tad game that far away but here goes..

BOM say at this stage the WX will be slightly cloudy with a beautiful 23 deg and light wind with only 30% chance of a shower so all in all if there’s not alot of change could be a good day, also Thursday is looking ok if Wednesday doesn’t fit with everyone’s agenda…. So in light of all that ranting (getting as bad as the Frog) This is it…
Wednesday meet around 11.00am-ish at the gate which will not be locked if you are late just latched and please close after you.. .
Don’t forget sausage in hand as our now famous Michelin Star rated Flight line Cafe will be in full operation (Mike take note Moose’s bbq is locked safely away in the club house)

All RCT members are welcome to come along for a look/play/TIF flight/bbq or just a chat and tell a few lies.. .welcome. also if anyone has a friend they want to bring along for a look etc welcome…

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  1. Moose

    Well Mr weather man The Moose is ok for either day and of course I will bring my B.B.Q stuff with me
    And Mr Mike will it be ok to fly with your buddy system.
    Will I bring the Beast for you to tune

    1. Predator

      Yes Moose if its not too windy you can bring your new beast along for a test fly & tune. I’m interested to see how she flies. I expect very well.

  2. Bad Angel

    Well Moose we’ll see if its better than last week eh, I may bring the twin along this week about time it took to the skies again….

  3. SeasideMitch

    Weather wise Wednesday is looking the best, certainly less wind than Sunday. See you all on Wednesday

    1. Predator

      Stephen, don’t forget my stabilisers if you have finished playing with them.

  4. Predator

    Wednesday suits me OK. I will have the Bix 2 Sport & Buddy Box and also the new (well new second hand) X-Vert ready to take to the skies.
    Depending on the weather I may bring the very big ASW-28 glider as it been a long time between flights for her.
    Won’t need the BBQ now that the Moose has loaned one for the Field but I’ll bring the BBQ gear & spare gas.

  5. Bad Angel

    Would be nice to see the big glider making an appearance, the twin will also make an appearance..

  6. Uncle G

    Wednesday Ok with me, Will have to leave a little earlier for a doctors appointment.
    I will bring all my planes with me again.

  7. Ian Milne

    Can’t make Wednesday, I’m afraid… 3-line whip for a grandparents day at the school! Tuesday looks less windy BTW. Have fun , y’all. Cheers!

  8. Bad Angel

    Well what can I say Mr President, we will miss you but I’m sure your vice president Baron Von La Kermit El Froggo (pretending CFI he thinks extraordinaire) will fill your shoes and do you proud sir. I’m not so sure if he actually know about his unelected high position of office that he holds in the “Flight Line Flying Gang”… I’m sure a video report of his antics will follow if he graces us with his presence this week..

  9. Ian Milne

    I’m sure my vice president….with the evidence on the vice…..will do the office proud in my absence, which I hope will be vry short! I don’t know about the studio…I reckon the equipment will be a bit the worse for wear! I look forward to the next video of Kermits work…..and yours of course!

  10. Kermit

    I’M OKEDOKE FOR WEDNESDAY an i’m reading with interest that i am an UNELECTED VICE PRESIDENT I trust that position will be soon be “ELECTED ” I CANT DO MY BIT AS AN UNELECTED VICE PRESDENT with the pres away I will have a heavy responsibility to the Honorable members and run a very successful flight school as well soooo much pressure…………. well then flight line gang i will see you there

  11. Bad Angel

    Have faith oh Froggo, we have faith in you that you will carry out your vice Presidential duties with honour and make our also unelected President proud of his VP. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€—β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ€”πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜΄πŸ˜–πŸ€πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜¬πŸ€’πŸ’‘

  12. Ian Milne

    OH Bad Angel…….Unelected Weather guru….please try and make it unsuitable for Weds. 30th…….I now have a Dental Appointment….. AAGH!…..ON THAT DAY! Is there no God? Is Kermit not a magician? I rest my case…..Bummmerr!

  13. Bad Angel

    Oh dear Mr President you are a worry..

  14. Kermit

    IAN IAN IAN THE ONE WHO MUST BE OBEYED OFTEN SAYS I’M GOD OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT BUT IN THIS INSTANCE I CANT HELP YOU you see if i change the weather pattern for you then the other lot will have their day buggered up so to fix it for one just isn’t what a vice president or god should do I hope you understand my predicament …………VICE GOD

  15. Ian Milne

    I know, I know…ScoMo prayed for rain to break the drought….Didn’t happen, did it, so who am I to ask for special treatment?

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