29 November 2019    
10:30 - 14:30


The Field
156 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

Event Type

Well Hello.. Me again, Just putting out a call to see if there is any interest in a fly Friday as this sort of looks ok at this stage: Temp around 19deg, 15-20kph winds so they say, around 70% showers so nothing there and we have a barometric pressure of around or close to 1012 so is looking not all that bad as I said at this stage.

So the call is anyone up for a fly and get up to our usual tricks from around 1030 – ish until ???

I’m in, don’t forget plenty of water to hydrate.. Please leave replies so we know if we are going ahead and as too numbers or throw the big cancel switch…. This could be cancelled due to the winds/weather changes etc picking up just prior to the day so keeping an eye on here daily is essential for flyers and visitors

Visitors and friends are also welcome for a TIF flight our just a watch/chat and or bbq. I’m sure Flight Line Cafe will be up and running for the hungry.

All RCTT members are welcome along with other flyers but… there’s always a “BUT” If any flyers who wish to attend and join us for a fly after your first flying visit and if you want to continue flying with us you must become a member of RCTT mainly for our insurance regardless of any existing insurance with any other organisations total cost $20pa which is full RCTT membership and our insurance, cheap eh!

Note for late comers, as usual the gate will be closed just latched please close gate behind you..

BA,on behalf of our dearest President & Commander in Chief, has spoken.. : )

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  1. Predator

    I have an appt early but should be able to make it by 11:00 at the latest, bbq stuff in hand & some planes to fly.

    1. Bad Angel

      Great that’s two of us so far

      1. Predator

        Gee, we could have ALL the field to ourselves, that could be a bit boring !!

  2. Moose

    Sorry to spoil your day folks but the Moose will be in attendance plane and B.B.Q stuff in hand

  3. Bad Angel

    Oh bugger there goes our two’s company now three’s a crowd 🤗🤔😐🙄

  4. Ian Milne

    Thank you, BA for acting as my spokesman in my absence, which must continue, I’m afraid as I have regular arrangements on Friday with Sorell Lecture C………Oops! almost said it…..Group. However, have fun, my children! BTW, Kermit; there is aNew Zealander, taking time off from pursuing ewes, driving around on You Tube, on a misty day, in a green car, registration , and I quote: KRMTFRG! If I were you I would be seriously worried……….Au Revoir.

    1. Bad Angel

      Well Mr P we will miss you and having another laugh at your expense falling off your perch again… 😀😎🤗☺

  5. Ian Milne

    I’m sure I shall find some other way to amuse you all………

    1. Bad Angel

      Phew… Thank goodness for that 🤗

  6. Kermit

    Im waiting for a call from my sparky (auto elec ) for the mg all being well i to shall be there acting LEADER for our beloved El presidente AS TO BA please reframe from speaking for our beloved EL PRESIDENT E “the lovely one ” for as 2IC i consider this a violation of hierarchical order as you are a lower class you should be seen NOT heard ………by order KERMIT LA FROG 2IC THE FIELD

  7. Moose

    Batteries charged practiced with tx on Tundra got all excited then what happened.
    got myself a severe foot injury can’t put the rotten thing on the ground I have people running around helping me do things ( Like that part ).
    So dear friends that includes you Kermit I wont be able to make it very very sad man indeed looking forward to last flight before hospital on Monday
    Oh well they say s… happens
    How you all have a rotten day
    Just joking

  8. Bad Angel

    Geez Moose you trying to outdo the President, NO sympathy from anyone from the FLG, just suck it up and man up… Nuh not really we still sort of luv ya…well ! Your dearest Kermit the green slimy thing might… Take care and get well soon….

    WX UPDATE: There has been a shower here this morning but has gone now, the wx radar is showing nothing so I’m still in especially now that Moose will not be there. No wind and not all that cold so I think we may get quite a pleasant fly in these conditions and there’s always the humpy if the H2O gets in the way….

  9. Kermit


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