30 May 2020    
11:00 - 15:00


The Field -New Access Gate
1 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Long range forecast suggests that from early next week we are going to get a wintry blast across the state so may be no suitable flying days.

There were initial suggestions of this Friday however with the changing weather patterns perhaps Saturday may be better. I have listed across both daysΒ  so please post your preference and a call can then be made on which day we go.

The multiple BBQ idea worked well on Tuesday so we can go down that track again but bring your own hot drinks & whatever you wish to cook.

You will notice that the Events Calendar is back to its original layout and some additional options have been added to the Details menu.

The Event will also automatically be tagged with the name & avatar of the Event author so you can see at a glance who is posting.

Thanks for burning the midnight oil on this Col and fixing my little stuff up.

Yes Kermit, you can now add pics


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  1. Uncle G

    I’m free both days, Saturday does look a little better though.

  2. Ian Milne

    Hello Folks! After consultation with her indoors, Saturday would be best by a small margin. Either will do for me. I shall be there!

  3. I also think Saturday may be slightly better but Ill leave it till this evening to commit in case others prefer Friday.

  4. Ian Milne

    Not quite sure why, but the Phantom 4 would not initiate under that power line. Worked fine at home. Suggest we havee a flight line that avoids this.

    1. Ian, at a guess I would say magnetic interference from the power lines causing your inbuilt compass to play up.
      On Tuesday we flew from the bottom of the paddock to try and solve the sun issues but there were other issues there as well.

      I think next time we fly we may well go back to the original spot on the RHS of the road, just far enough to clear the roadway & the power lines. Apart from the sun I don’t think anyone had issues the first day we flew there. The top spot also allows those that like to fly around trees etc to simply cross to the other side of the road and fly in the top paddock.

      Also next time we fly remind me to give yo your servo savers for the Bix 3. I had them there on Tuesday but you didn’t show.

  5. Ricky

    Saturday would be better for me.Can,t make it Friday

  6. Hoppy

    The 4 20pm weather update is better for Friday now. I can do either or both.

  7. Bad Angel

    Can’t do Friday could do Saturday

  8. Bad Angel

    Mr President I prefer to fly at the bottom of the paddock will possibly fly from there in future

  9. OK, looks like six starters at this stage so Saturday it is, weather dependant of course.
    11:00 am start with a BBQ lunch.
    Looks like the Bad Angel wishes to fly at the bottom of the paddock, I for one will be at the top below the road where we were on our first fly-in @ the new field. Plenty of room to spread around and pilots can choose which location best suits their style of flying.

  10. Kermit

    Im good for Saturday yes lets let MR BA go to the bottom of the padlock AN OUT OF CURIOSITY WHY DID HE CALL PREDATOR MR PRESIDENT does president ian know about this ?

    1. I believe he was referring to “President for Life” Ian, in relation to his comment about his Phantom not binding under the power lines.

  11. Kermit

    WIDDLE WICKY don’t forget to bring your flight hat

  12. Looks like a good turn up for Saturday, 7 so far.
    Room for 3 more & hopefully in another week the allowable numbers will double to 20 & solve all our problems

  13. Neil

    Ron and I are interested in Sat – but not sure how many you have already…

    1. G’day Neil, its been a while.
      With you & Ron that will make 9 in total so all good, still under the 10 limit.

      1. Neil

        Thanks Mike, if you don’t actually get 10, I’ve got a friend that would like to watch us fly, I could ask him. No big deal though if not. I don’t want to use the 10th spot unnecessarily πŸ™‚

        1. Bad Angel

          Hello Neil, at this stage looks like nine players and there is a possibility that Mike won’t be there due to an injury which puts us at eight so bring your mate along should be fine

          1. Neil

            Cool thanks Bad Angel!

  14. Ron

    Saturday is great for me. I’ll be a definite πŸ™‚

  15. Bad Angel

    Hello gang. I will now be live streaming our flying days on my YouTube channel after testing on Facebook. Streaming will commence from around 11.30am so watchers will now have to click on this link for you are not already a subscriber. BA has spoken on behalf of our dear President/ Dictator and leader for and after life Commander in Chief Kim Jong Ian.


  16. Hoppy

    Forecast is windy after midday so I’m charging a couple of slope gliders for the afternoon if anyone wants to come?

  17. I hope I make it to flying tomorrow but Pyro managed to drop his grooming table on my foot (its a long story). Suffice to say the edge of the table landed across my toes and they are turning a strange colour of purple as I type this.

    I guess the best I can hope for is that I can actually still walk in the morning.

    1. Bad Angel

      Ouch !! Well at least you will be able to watch the live stream if you are still sooking.. πŸ€£πŸ˜œπŸΈπŸ“½πŸ“ΈπŸ“Ή

  18. Ian Milne

    OOOh…. Nasty! I’m sure thereby hangs a tail?

  19. Bad Angel

    A gate reminder…. For any late comers the gate will be closed but not locked but please close the gate behind you. Thanks

  20. SeasideMitch

    I don’t have a flyable plane yet, so I will give the BBQ a miss. Stay safe and fly well.

  21. I may be walking wounded but I will be there with the Bix2 Sport, the NineEagles Prowler and the Albatross sloper.
    I will have a BBQ in the car as well.

  22. Bad Angel

    Very windy/gusty down here just saying could be interesting

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