22 May 2020    
11:00 - 15:00


The Field -New Access Gate
1 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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According to Stephen (Seaside Mitch) Friday is going to be another perfect flying day @ the field so you now know who to blame if its not!!

Access is via the locked gate at 1 Rifle Range Rd (be careful or you could miss it) and as this gate needs to be kept locked it is incumbent upon those wishing to fly to all arrive on time and enter together so the gate can be locked behind us.

From the gate it is approx 300 metres along an all weather gravel track to the flying site. My Subaru Liberty Sport Wagon, which probably has the least ground clearance of all our vehicles has no trouble traversing the track so everyone else should be ok.

If we aim for 11:00 am to give the day a chance to warm up a bit it should be another enjoyable day for all.

We all know about the social distancing requirements and the maximum of 10 in attendance so unfortunately for the next month at least it needs to be first in best dressed.

Please reply ASAP to this post to flag your intentions.

One final note, DO NOT attempt to enter via the Shearing Shed gate, even if the gate is unlocked or you have the access code as Greg is trying to stop everyone driving across the paddocks & damaging the crops.

With that in mind please stick to the made roads wherever possible to show our appreciation at being given unlimited access to this great (and extensive) flying area.

crappy photo attached to show the new access gate.

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  1. Uncle G

    Count me in! I need some more tips off Kermit the ace.

    1. Don’t forget your Paramotor , if it flies well again it may get me motivated to do some more work on mine.

  2. Ricky

    I should be ok,but if more than 10 put their hand up I,ll bail out as I may have a meeting with the council.Should know tomorrow night

  3. Bad Angel

    Yep I’ll be there even if it is Ingers birthday I invited her but she declined so just me…

    1. Kermit


  4. Ron

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make Friday as I am working that day. I hope everyone has fun and the weather is grand.

  5. Ian Milne

    Great! I’ll be there with the trusty Bix

  6. Wed 20/05/20 17:30
    Looks like 6 at the moment so still room for 4 more. I’m sure Kermit and Stephen will want in so that will be 8

  7. SeasideMitch

    Of course, I will be there, consider my hand put up!

  8. Kermit

    what does a frog have flippers paws pads fingers one of them is up i’m in

  9. Ok, so 7 definite and one most likely so only room for 2 more.

    Just got to hope the weather holds.
    Please make your own arrangements for lunch this week & we can discuss on site how we progress our regular BBQ’s.

  10. OK looks like 8 it is then.
    Now all we need is Stephen to be correct about the weather.

    I’ll bring my bungee cord & the Albatross FX707 mini glider for a test flight, reduced the nose weight by half & installed new batteries so hopefully it will fly better this time.

  11. Kermit

    -MR moose will be there I will bring him

    1. Are you sure he is out of hospital, I sent him a message this afternoon but didn’t get a reply.

  12. Moose

    Sorry guys
    Can’t make it out of hospital but at the stage can’t walk it may be about 2 weeks before I can walk properly then look out.
    Sorry Kermit there is no point in getting me there as much as I love you with all your wonderful qualifications FlIGHT SCHOOL and the list goes on what a great little frog you are
    It makes me so sad and I missed you so much.
    Well guys looking forward to seeing you all very soon
    Cheers MR Moose

  13. Ian Milne

    Poor Mr Moose; We’ll have a great pile of reindeer moss, harvested chez Kermit, on your return. Get well soon.

  14. Ian Milne

    Thanks Ross for the video. That is pretty impressive flying from Chris. Thanks too, to Mike for the glider flying.

    I have a small matter to raise which is causing concern, namely the flagrant pig abuse which occurred yesterday. Mi ss Piggy was permitted to descend to earth on several occasions, at a velocity, which if not causing physical injury, certainly resulted in a serious loss of dignity. All this can only be attributed to one person, my trusted deputy President who had great power given to him and has sadly abused it. I shall terefore be stripping him of this power and resuming the styles and titles of my office for life; after that we shall have to see. Salutations, Ian, Rex Imperator.

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