12 December 2020    
10:15 - 15:30


The Field -New Access Gate
1 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

Event Type

GENTLE ….MEN …AND BAD ANGEL  twis great pleasure I announce that a fly day will be held Saturday 10.15   a small charge will be charged and as usual a donation for the famous cause   ” save the green tree frog ” will be accepted   CREDID CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED BUT WITH A SMALL FEE FOR HANDLING     members are as usual asked to  wear a suit and tie   and be respectful to the original land owners memory  (the  endangered  green tree frog )   there will be no take off or landing fees  however a small fee will be charged for placing a aircraft on the ground  with the intention of flying it   finally  WE WILL HAVE A FUN DAY    KERMIT LA FROG  acting president  flight line gang

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  1. Hoppy

    I will be there with ctedit cards and sausage in hand. May bring a slope glider for after.

  2. Uncle G

    I will also be there, with sausage and cheque (bouncy)

  3. Ian Milne

    I shall be present Kermit, Just remember the word “acting”, a position that may be instantly revoked if any excesses occur!

  4. Bad Angel

    Well…. mmmmmm….. it’ a ‘yeah nuh’ …… dunno… mmmmmm what about my new old friends at the Canal and will they will shed a tear or two if I don’t attend to service their wheelie chairs and polish the white canes, reckon so, at this stage not quite sure so it’s a ‘yeah nuh’ cause we are also preping for a muso’s pizza night at my hanger have to set up band/pa stuff etc but just might be able to flick down for a quickie if there is pensioner gate entry discount for quickies I’ll see how it pans out morra.. just say’n 🙃🙂

    1. Uncle G

      BA, You could go to the canal at 9.00am annoy your new friends then go to the field at 10.30, easy!

    2. Kermit

      BA YOUR new friends as you call them would not know if you were there or not that’s why they have the white cane and as for a pensioner discount yes for you certainly as the oldest member still standing you will receive one but unfortunately you just missed the time set aside for such events so sorry if i make an exception for you now it might open the gates in 10 years time for others just sayin

  5. Predator

    Looks like it is a great day shaping up for all @ the Field.
    I guess everyone will be hand launching to avoid the “ground” fees. No charge for landing so everyone that hand launches will be able to save a packet.

    Unfortunately I won’t be there as there are some flatties (with my name on them) just waiting to be caught tomorrow.

    I’m sure there will be videos abundant to show the going’s on during Kermit’s little Fly-In.


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