1 January 2021    
10:00 - 14:30


The Field -New Access Gate
1 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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ohhhhhh I forgot to post it here  please forgive me as I’m new here   Friday is the day we all can play with our flying thingies   10 0clock or at the members request as to a new time   post your intentions as to your participation in this most holy scarcest hobby  videoing can be done at the field with a license  see Kermit la frog   as 2ic I will be asking Mr predator for a quote for construction of a big wall around the field   because he has the expertise in this field  ie GREAT WALL

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  1. Predator

    If the weather gods are kind I will be there, 10:00am start I’m not so sure about especially after a big NYE but I will do my best.
    Looks like it may be a bit windy but as long as its not wet or cold all will be OK.

  2. Bad Angel

    Did you check the wind ? If it’s at it’ predicted 20 – 30 I’m out, lower I’m in so it’s a yeah nuh from me

  3. Uncle G

    If it’s not to windy I will be there.

  4. Moose

    Yes I will be there if wind is ok
    Sat looks a bit better to me

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