20 June 2019    
11:00 - 14:00


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Hello Thrill seekers The Farm flyers are gathering for another interesting Farm fly-in at our usual place Thursday . Flight line Café should/will be operational so attend with your sausage in hand as we do…. I’ll have the jug there for hot drinks as it’s only gunna be 12 deg.. At this stage the WX looks half ok with light winds so my twin should take to the air with it’s new props… I hear a vicious rumour that the Kermit Ah La Frog has Pigs disease caught from miss Piggy, (he’s a very naughty little Froggo) get well soon we’ll miss your flight school this week… So gang meeting at the gate 1100hrs (that’s 11.00am for the uneducated)…

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  1. Kermit

    TIS TRUE Hiss Piggy an I have had words …….. so a more spiritual aspect of our relationship is now in place with time I hope to be cured of this swine flue AND REJOIN THE MAGNIFICENT FLYING GANG and sailing captains

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