15 March 2023    
10:00 - 15:00


The Field -New Access Gate
1 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Sorry about the short notice but it looks like Wednesday will be the pick this week (windwise) for flying. There may be an occasional shower but hopefully nothing too much.

BBQ will be available.

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  1. Predator

    I will be there with a plane or 3 & the BBQ in case Mr Kermit doesn’t make it.

  2. Andrew

    Sorry can’t make it. Call of duty again

  3. Gadget

    I will be there but a little late as I will be dropping my daughter and granddaughter to the airport.
    Hopefully, the 3D printed Zero will have a successful fly (and landing!).
    Fab (Phil Watkins) mentioned that he may turn up as he has just set up a new powered glider and would like some help to fly it.
    Mike, could you look Fab if he arrives before I do?

      1. Gadget

        Yes Mike. I gave him directions to the first gate. I also mentioned the BBQ.

  4. Kermit

    perhaps MR GADGET top gun flight school would be a good choice for him emmmmm just sayn
    i will bring the wilger an a few others

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