19 August 2020    
11:00 - 15:00


The Field -New Access Gate
1 Rifle Range Road, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

Event Type

Wednesday may be our best chance for a fly this week. Temp should be around 12 deg with light to very light winds. No rain predicted till light showers start again early afternoon.

BBQ facilities for lunch will be available.

Notify your intentions to attend & we will see if there are many takers.

It will need to be weather dependant so please check again on Wednesday morning before heading down just in case of late cancellation. We can all blame Hoppy if the weather turns to crap!!

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  1. Ian Milne

    Yes, I’ll be there to lend some gravitas to the operation…….with or without the Beautiful But Banged-Up Bix!

  2. Bad Angel

    May get there have a heap of editing to do, also the paddock is quite wet with puddles all over the place as of yesterday

  3. Bad Angel

    Mr President unless the Bixlers are banged up taped up and glued up in numerous places they’re not real Bixlers.. 🤣😆🤩🤗🤓😳

  4. SeasideMitch

    OK, missed the change, but I will drive along tomorrow. see you all there.

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