2 August 2021    
11:00 - 14:00


The Shearing Shed - Sandford
South Arm Highway, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Monday looks the least worse day for a fly for the week. 14 degrees but possibly a bit of wind. But it’s good that TGFS offer windy flying lessons. Rest of week looks ordinary. Who is keen and doesnt mind a 12kt wind? Makes landings easier.

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  1. Bad Angel

    Fyi Greg has had sheep closed off in the shearing shed pens most if the week I will check it Sunday

  2. Predator

    If weather is OK & the sheep are out of the pen I will be there for a flight or two & BBQ

  3. Moose

    Sorry folks can’t make it have a funeral to attend

  4. Bad Angel

    Sat update…shearing happening today..

  5. Predator

    I have just now spoken to Greg and we are Ok to fly on Monday, he may still be finishing off a bit of shearing but says we won’t be in his way and he is happy for us to fly.

  6. Hoppy

    Weather looks ok with still maybe a 12 kt wind. Rest of week looks unflyable. Andrew and Rian are coming tomorrow too.

  7. Andrew

    Will see you there. Need to get out of the house to do something different

  8. Kermit

    Well if Mr moose cant be there I for sure will attend

  9. DavidW

    No go for me as I have dental appointments

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