2 October 2021    
All Day


Lauderdale Canal (Jetty - Pontoon)
Opposite 38 North Terrace, Lauderdale, Tasmania, 7021, Southern Tasmania

Event Type

Weather permitting  we sail BUT ifin the weather is  drizzly or not pleasant  you make the choice an post it on the saturday before we all go  ok 

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  1. Pete

    The forecast is very ordinary, but if it is fine I am in!!

  2. Sheep

    Love your optimism gents. If okay then no problems.

  3. Bodge

    Sorry chaps, I have a family commitment, pack your wet weather gear 👍

  4. DavidW

    Yep, reckon it is worth a try. Wont make the BBQ as the significant other has plans for me . Misty rain and no wind here in Sorell at present.

  5. Kermit

    ditto dave light to no wind fog in the derwent but if its not raining by the time to play then its on ……dont ya just love saturdays

  6. thehobartchinaman

    Sorry lads, I’m a non starter today, have a good time!

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