13 July 2019    
10:00 - 14:00


Lauderdale Canal (Jetty - Pontoon)
Opposite 38 North Terrace, Lauderdale, Tasmania, 7021, Southern Tasmania

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Posted by: Moose

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Hi there fellow sailors
Any one going for a sail and B,B,Q The Moose will be there boats in hand and eggs and bacon for lunch.
What about that hey frog I suppose you would be use to living in this cold and damp weather being a mud hole specialist

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  1. RonB

    It looks like Moose is not very friendly towards the old Frog
    may by the frog should slap a bit of beef on the BBQ have it for lunch
    I will be there about 1000hrs if the weather is ok

  2. Just checked the weather & it doesn’t look like much of a day tomorrow for boating @ the canal.
    Cold, Wet & strong Westerly winds.
    I think I might give it a miss.

    Moose, if you want to get your radio up and running or need a hand with the boat winch setup feel free to drop up. At this stage I will be home all day tomorrow.

  3. Pete

    The forecast is not good. If the weather is better than the prediction I will be there with the Pink Bits.

  4. Moose

    Well the Moose has decided to call it Quits for to morrow Sorry folks but the latest forecast is not good

  5. Kermit

    ok if my bestest mate moooose is going to call it then so shall I I cant sail without me widdle cobber moooosie an pred isn’t coming another reason to err on the side of caution best to be warm than cold you have another rest moose

  6. Kermit


  7. Pete

    I think his op is next week – 16th????

  8. Kermit

    thanks pete i thought it was last thursday

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