21 March 2020    
All Day


Lauderdale Canal (Jetty - Pontoon)
Opposite 38 North Terrace, Lauderdale, Tasmania, 7021, Southern Tasmania

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Once again its sailing time for the fit and hardy Will the floating jetty take you all or is it to the left to the cormorants POST TO LET US ALL KNOW

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  1. Kermit

    Unfortunately I’m still crook but getting better BUT not enough for a this week thanks to all who have responded as to my well being …….. “its been interesting “

  2. RonB

    I Should be there at about 1000 hrs depending on weather conditionsl

  3. Pete

    If the weather is ok I will be there around 10 with Black Betty.

  4. Bad Angel

    Well Froggy I’m sure our president for life probably pointed his bone at you for trying to over throw his illigimate government or drove a needle into a little green frog doll thingy causing all your worries now if you repent I’m sure along with 3 oh hail our true leader three times a day while practicing self isolation I’m sure your health isues will start to return normal maybe 😎

  5. Bad Angel

    Yeah nuh, busy finishing off the grandkids tree hut..

  6. Kermit

    Well thank you BA for that info as I’m not religious voodoo is something I haven’t thought about so let me say this ………YEAH nuh

  7. Ian Milne

    Oh Dear! My froggy friend, i hope that my loyal BA-type courtier is not correct in his voodoo theory…….if you are ill, (as the picture suggests you are,I think over-indulgence in the amber fluid might have something to do with it. Of course, if you have been eating dead animals, you need look no further…..

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