25 September 2021    
10:00 - 12:00


Lauderdale Canal (Jetty - Pontoon)
Opposite 38 North Terrace, Lauderdale, Tasmania, 7021, Southern Tasmania

Given the poor forecast for Saturday I think I will have a sail on Sunday. Anyone else interested in a sail on Sunday?

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  1. Kermit

    OK BY ME CAPTN but ……..if its still shytt house weather better not ay

    1. Uncle G

      After last week’s story Kermy, I thought you would sail in any weather (Soft)

  2. Bodge

    Yep if the weather forecast stays true, I will be there

  3. Sheep

    Yeah. Sunday good if lighter winds. After church of course.

    1. Kermit

      ofcouse after church……….. why sheep would you have put that in ?

  4. Kermit

    in reply to the sinkers remarks The council still have to put pins in the floating part of the bridge after last saturdays strong weather other wise we would be sailing ………….so there

  5. DavidW

    Not a starter , after I saw the forecast I stopped rushing and left the boats in bits. Too late to fix now as I look out the window to clear sunny skies ansd ideal sailing breeze here in Sorell.

  6. Kermit

    yea its fair weather up here but cold b cold i think i will stay with sunday after church ifin you can get there great dont worry about the wheel chair mob they will be in their hospital beds with a wee pot under it all day

    1. Predator

      What’s this anarchy from the Frog?
      Going sailing rather than flying, never before heard of !!

  7. Sheep

    See U there Kermit. Don’t get stuck too long in the confessional!

  8. RonB

    I am a non starter hope the weather improves soon

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