21 August 2021    
10:00 - 13:00


Lauderdale Canal (Jetty - Pontoon)
Opposite 38 North Terrace, Lauderdale, Tasmania, 7021, Southern Tasmania

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Anyone up for a sail tomorrow?

Winds look ok till around midday and should be blowing N/N West across the canal with only a slight chance of showers before mid afternoon.

I hope to do some more testing with Badger II now that the mast has been tilted forward a bit.  If it’s still not right then I’ll move the mast foot back around 5mm as looking at the old pics it appears to now be forward by about that much. There were several mast holes in the deck before I repaired it, I may (most likely) have picked the wrong one.

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  1. Kermit

    No No No…. just move it A TOE not a foot……… trust me just say’n

  2. Kermit

    yep I will be there filming…….. Not for an award thats already taken just for those that cant be there

  3. DavidW

    Yes, Georgia and I shall be there if only to keep every one honest. Will bring a 65 and 95.

  4. Predator

    Weather is pretty crap up this way with strong winds & rain so I think I’ll give sailing a miss today.

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