19 August 2021    
11:00 - 14:00


The Shearing Shed - Sandford
South Arm Highway, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

Thursday has light wind but 20 percent chance of rain so some risk. Wednesday has more wind but less chance of rain but Mike is getting vaxxed. 

So who is keen for a Thursday fly but standby for a cancellation in case of rain.

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  1. SeasideMitch

    I am interested, it looks like the only real chance before the next big blow.

  2. Uncle G

    As this is an officially sanctioned event by the weather guru “Moose” I will go sailing.

    1. Uncle G

      That’s not what I posted!
      Should be –

      As this is “NOT” an officially sanctioned event by the weather guru “Moose” I will go sailing.

    2. Kermit

      OH DEAR HAVE you two had a falling out THE FUR COAT IS GOING

  3. Ian Milne

    Is that a weather forecast (misspelt), or a young lady pilot? I’ll be there.

    1. Predator

      Ian, Rian is probably the pilot you need to set up & test fly your miniquad.

  4. Moose

    Yes the Moose will be there I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms

  5. SeasideMitch

    Now it’s an official Moose event will Uncle G make an appearance?🙏

    1. Uncle G

      No, still going sailing.
      I will be like BA – If you don’t use them, they last longer!

  6. DavidW

    Not a starter this time due to appointment. Have fun while the airspace menace is absent.

  7. Ian Milne

    Hoppy, could you please chop me about a metre of narrow surgical tubing? I need to move my pitot head out of the slipstream on the Trainstar. Cheers!

    1. Hoppy

      I only have 10mm diameter tubing so not suitable.

  8. Ian Milne

    Oh, sorry …I thought I gave you two lots…….not to worry. I’ll fix up something.

  9. Bad Angel

    There were sheep locked the the shearing shed yard yesterday

  10. Kermit

    STILL A WEEE TAD CROOK NEW meds to try today heres hoping

  11. Bad Angel

    Checked shearing shed pens @ 2330 and no sheep sighted

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