24 August 2021    
11:00 - 14:00


The Shearing Shed - Sandford
South Arm Highway, Sandford, Tasmania, 7020, Southern Tasmania

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Weather still looks OK for a fly Tuesday with light to moderate winds in the morning, dropping off around lunchtime. Possibility of a few showers but that should be later in the afternoon.

BBQ snags & whatever as per usual.

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  1. Hoppy

    Ok if not raining. Maybe a bit chilly. Saturday is also looking good as a next session…

    1. Kermit

      I wonder if money bags will turn up

  2. Uncle G

    As my mate Mr. Moose will be there, so will I.
    Kermit, I can give you some tips on how to make an award winning video if you like.

  3. Kermit

    THANK YOU MOST KINDLY UNCLE G but i must decline as there can only be one

  4. DavidW

    Will be there trying to keep away from Bixlers with cameras.

    1. Predator

      That wasn’t the Bixler this time Dave, it was the Sky Shadow !!
      You never can tell where cameras are lurking.

  5. Ian Milne

    My post has gone but I’m still here!

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