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It was another fine day for flying but as alluded to by Chris it was not without incident.

I was testing the new release of iNav 4 in both the Sky Shadow wing & the Raptor FPV plane as as there is a bit of a learning curve with new firmware releases I was anticipating problems.

The Sky Shadow was first up and after the first failed self hand launch I was assisted by Stephen, this launch went much better but the wing would not fly level with the AP on. Upon landing I found the FC had dislodged on the first failed attempt so after re securing it the wing flew beautifully. V4 appears to work very well.

Next up was to try the repaired Bix 2 sport (fitted with a ZOHD AP). The Bix flew well (as expected) however unfortunately, when I momentarily lost sight of the plane, the ZOHD RTH DID NOT WORK and the plane disappeared, never to be found again. First plane I’ve ever lost since I started flying & I don’t know if the electronics failed or the battery disconnected after crashing but I completely lost the RSSI signal (which we always use to find lost planes). A fairly extensive search was mounted where it was last seen but as no one saw it actually go down it was a bit like the search for MH 370, going no where fast.

I opted not to fly the Raptor FPV as the rudder was programmed in the FC incorrectly & I didn’t want to tempt fate again.

For the rest of the day I just stuck with flying the Sky Shadow wing & fiddling with the iNav V4 firmware.

As for the rest, Dave & Andrew had a mid flight coming together which pretty much totalled Dave’s Razor & also left Andrew’s big 3m glider in need of elevator & fuselage repairs yet again.

Kermit had a prang with his Cub (repairable) & I think everyone else got away clean from the day.

Only one video from me today