RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 “NOT” Fly-in @ The Field – Lock Down Reply To: “NOT” Fly-in @ The Field – Lock Down


Gentlemen  and the little fella  whats his name ……..wicky  thats it   where the hell you been boy   no word  just gone  now at last an email sighting  not good boy  stay in touch or as the new president I will have to make some rule to control waywood   fly boys like your self  as for Ricky comments     No……… You my patawa  do not need any more guidance   if we were at the field there would be a ceremony to anoint you a full  top gun gedi   with oak leaves  such is the force in you    I enjoyed the flying bit sooo cool  nippy little thing ay   questions :  are  the googles   light lighter than  the cyclops   2   are they better that the ones we use ” cyclops ” if so by how much ya recon  3  cost  4 when did you order them  and how long for them to arrive  5   bangood  and other shops in china do you know if their still working (export )   thats it    stay in touch  stay safe  that’s the catch word from now on    PRESIDENT  flying field gang