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In anticipation of the new FPV goggles arriving & of eventually the Stay @ Home directive being lifted I decided to set the Fox glider up for FPV.

I have made a stand alone 3D printed module that will hold the RunCam 2 camera & a 400mw VTX.

This is the 3D design ready for printing

After printing it was heated with my Solder Reflow Station and bent in the middle slightly to match the curve of the cockpit canopy.

The section under the camera mounts with Velcro to the original camera mount I had printed & fitted previously to the Fox canopy.

The rear part under the VTX is fitted with Velcro loop (opposite to the hook) to protect the canopy but all fixing is at the front.

The camera can still be Velcro mounted direct to the canopy for non fpv flights or in the FPV module when required.

I have ordered some solderable USB Micro-B plugs rather than cutting up my last long camera video lead so will need to wait till they arrive before testing.


Oh well its a lovely day outside so I think Ill go for a fly.