Thanks for that timely advice oh webbed one!
Difference between flying and sailing (yes, there are lots), in particular with regards scheduling applies to three main points.
The first is that sailing on Tuesdays is a fixed event, not dependant of fickle things like weather.
Secondly, the class being sailed always rotates back and forth between 65 & 95 so calendar or no calendar this remains constant.
The third consideration in not advertising last Tuesdays sailing is that without RBRYC sailing at the moment there was a likelihood we may have exceeded our legal limit in skipper numbers with those who are desperate to sail from there turning up.
This last point was spectacularly successful as without advertising or calendar we still ended up with three.
Being the observant froggie that you are you would have noted that next months Tuesdays are all written up as sailing days. Well done!
Next month will also see the lifting of the 10 person + 1 frog rule so advertising our activities is back on the task list again.
I will still circulate a text message to all members once this final hurdle is cleared as this is a good way to keep in touch.
Finally I think the calendar is a great and integral part of our website that alongside the Forum is the beating heart of our little group and needs to be supported at every opportunity. Its success is dependent on how often and well it is used by our members.
Oh and next Tuesday is DF65s @ da Duck.