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Just got around to checking the marine forecast for tomorrow & like Chris said its the best day for the week wind wise however it is still very windy 5 to 10 knots early picking up to 10 to 15 knots around 11:00 am.

At this stage I will give flying a miss tomorrow (Tuesday) but may go down for a sail @ the Duck.


As for the Presidents plane, given the issues we had trying to recover the Tundra (all to no avail) I would strongly suggest leaving it to the elements to shake loose. It will happen but may take a little while.

Ian may not be happy with this but we have all (except for Uncle G) been there and it’s just one of those things that you need to be patient about.

Given that fully extended our rescue pole is barely controllable, attempting to extent it even further with another piece of material is prone to failure.

Shooting a bow & arrow that close to a main road (even with the property owners permission) is extremely likely to bring unwanted attention of the worst kind to our little group.

Given the work that Ross & I put into securing this flying site we do no want anyone putting it at risk in any way what so ever.

Whilst we remain under the radar we do get away with pushing the flying boundaries somewhat but this could change in an instant.

Please think about it and the wrath of your fellow flyers should we lose this site.


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