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I have now removed the battery from my mini mobius camera for next FPV range testing. Also I just ordered the same Hawkeye goggles as BA and Ron, at $129 from Banggood australia as my fatshark goggles are so old and dont have diversity so doesnt help with range issues. Here is a brief clip of the Eagles including taxying in the long grass. I had 6 planes today. The Drift I ran out of time to fly it. The V Tail glider needed some soldering, not done so was u/s (unserviceable for non pilots). The A10 had a brief flight as shedded a fan blade becoming u/s, I think a different blade from last time. The ASW28 flew Ok but no thermals in the Easterly wind. The VTOL plane flew nice first up but I only had the one battery for it and the charger needed soldering too, now done, so was u/s. All service items now fixed.