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oh oh in my defence  young fella   firstly  the fella on the platform  is one of your mob  who came up to  play with us  but as he was far to old  we considered it was unsafe for him to be on the platform  so before he toddled over board we sent him back with his cane  look hard  you know him  . Now then   little wicky is THE  only young fella  down at the windy end  an who says he’s one of yours  an I loved the funny  I quote ” yes most of our YOUNG members are still  active  building things”  unquote  I agree things like LEGGO   AN BUILDING BLOCKS  ETC  AS  iv already demolished the little white fib  YOUNG MEMBERS   an you have acknowledged the fact  I quote  First about this white cane mob, unquote  as for me  my camera did have a memory card in it but I deleted  the video in the process of transferring the video to hard drive  as others more proficient in the art of video making have done the same  I’m not to worried just disappointed  LASTLY I have no idea why you have attacked our friendly cheerful youthful group in this way but as iv shown you don’t have a leg to stand on  (probably because you are in your wheel chair  )   ” joke ” love your videos  just a quick  question  who holds the camera  for you………..    just sayin