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ANOTHER GREAT DAY SAILING with  jovial sailors and a wandering intruder  who came to obtain quality footage from the best of the best for his  RC SITE    We at the sunny end will always allow intruders into our waters as it is the only way  the wheel chair mob can see what being on the water is all about    ONCE AGAIN WE HAD TO RESTICT  the jetty to just a few as the tide was out  so some of our group rested their boats on the bank  so others could sail  such is the quality of our sailors  after the 20 + others had sailed  we decided to have our usual BBQ   only to be surprised by  3 ambulances  with their motors running at the BBQ SITE  for the white cane mob decided to BBQ too With respirators hanging from the rafters and white coats walking in an out of the wheel chairs  the dear ol   things thoroughly enjoyed the fun of falling out of their wheel chairs  and being reloaded back in by the white coats  ( bless em  )  eventually  the white coats had had enough and  wheeled them back to the waiting vehicles   We thank the wheel chair mob  for the best BBQ ever   and trust that we can do it again  soon