RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Field Hump Day Fly 24th February 2021 Reply To: Field Hump Day Fly 24th February 2021


well Mr moose  No coupe is a good coupe  why do they spell a coo  = coupe I consider a coupe as a chicken place ANY WAYS   I have been with my fellow flyers today  an they know nothing about a chicken coupe or at least never implied a chicken coupe was in progress  SOOO  Mr moose  WAS IT REALLY A DENTISTS APPOINTMENT  today or was it a special doctor you visited  instead   its alright we can talk about these things  just because you’re dropped a whole lota gears  we still love ya just do as the vet says an munch up those tablets  with the grass  you will get better  ….if not  BA STILL HAS HIS SERVICE PISTOL ……….JUST SAY’N