WHAT A DAY NO screaming from the wheel chair mob when their wheel chairs get stuck in  the sand or they hit a tree with their body (without their white canes ) soooo much nicer when you don’t have to listen to them crying “why ”  you might ask  well their buss got to the canal all right but when they tried to get off the   wheels on their chairs froze  thus locking them all in the bus  so they all went back to their nursing homes…..  back to the real sailors …….sooo many folks wanting to play an play we did multi coloured sails all over the canal  hardly any room to have a decent sail  but there ya go Once the other mob are not around  every one comes out  a few of the lads had test runs onto the bank just to test the firmness others just wanted to sit back with a cup of tea and sail  several of the junior’s wanted to race an that’s what the younger mob want to do  fair enough  CAPT’N PETE brought his duck hunting hound down to the canal for a feed an after a walk around the canal Pete had 20 ducks in his rack sack …. goood dog . moose once again disgraced himself  with long perving sessions (far to long to be healthy ) but they didn’t mind  until he started to toddle after them   (think of benny hill) … bull dog went to fetch him and after a fight he brought him back  After a fun filled morning we had our usual BBQ  and retired an hour later  so nothing out of the ordinary happened today  except for the wheel chair mob