GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA 2021 Reply To: Tugboat from WA 2021


HALLOWWW TUGBOAT  GREAT VIDEO THE WATER REMINDES ME OF OUR LAUDERDALE  beach except its not as clear as yours an its not white sand …more green /gray  but the sky is the same ….. except we have more dark grey fluffy stuff up there…. other than that carbon copy an as for us getting back to normal  we dear boy have been back to normal for a year now  no masks for us house prices have leaped and  bounded  for your mob have discovered Tasmania  the safe island no wanna be’s down here  cobber  well that’s not quite true  we had a fella try to build the great wall from his place to Glenorchy  an a fellow flyer who thinks his receivers run by smoke  an then there’s the mooose who just cannot stop chasing female joggers when were at the canal  their safe cos he can only toddle an then stops for a breather…… so embarrassing    just for a stir I might get him a drink of V  just to see if he can get to a trot  look forward to more riveting videos from  WA … STAY SAFE     KERMIT