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AN ITS FLOATERS  GOD DAMN BOY  What a tale of mis truths 8 on the pontoon  but how you could see them for when we were sailing the wheel chair mob had wheeled themselves away  or the ambulances had taken them back to the mortuary  I didn’t even have time to film  our lot as  soooo much was going on  its so disappointing when  we the real sailors  are just going about our fun day  to be mis represented and blainted fibs   are told  for what reason I know not  THE ONLY TRUTH in this outrageous hop scotch nonsense was in fact I did have a few words  with a few of  the non wheel chair mob members  complementing them on their shinny white canes and asking how they could  sail their toy boats  it turns out that a wheel chair member throws rocks at the target boat  if it hits  then the white cane turns a knob  an waits for another rock  I shuda known  why else is there a truck load of pebbles at their end  so lets  start to tell the truth as I have   an stop your  tall tales   Respectfully   kermit la frog