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I THANK THE HONOURABLE  UNCLE G for his  effort in making the next lesson for DAVE ‘s ” learning to fly ” this lesson was to have been a physical hands on exercise to show the down side of a intentional crash  and the resulting  “feelings ” of such an event  AS Dave was in the care of that other CFI  I thought that as my DEAR FRIEND …UNCLE G  had arrived   (after not wanting to fly with us  but preferred to sail  with his mates )  that he would film the next lesson  for TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  (with out payment ) to which as you all have seen was a tremendous success   lesson three will be   “how to fly from a bath tub  ”   A VITAL LESSON FOR those in a flood  or expecting to be in one   We at  TGFS  teach the new flyer  the real way to fly  the KERMIT WAY