RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 (Almost) Queens Birthday Fly-In Reply To: (Almost) Queens Birthday Fly-In


ohhh my gosh  what on earth has made MR MOOSE  so angry at me that he would insult and defame me in such a manner an put it in a  poem  WE have been mates like forever an now out of the blue he goes on this rampage of insults  (well one actually  ) but still totally wrong and hurtful  and I refer to the first part of his poem  where he falsely claims that I quote  “there was an OLD  frog  ”  I am not old  I HAPPEN TO BE CLASSED AS MATURE GENTLEMAN   not old    the rest of the poem  is fine  quite accurate  but if one makes a statement it should be  true or near enough  like my stories about UNCLE G  which are totally true ………………….just say’n