RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 (Almost) Queens Birthday Fly-In Reply To: (Almost) Queens Birthday Fly-In


After our “crashingly good day” on the Almost Queens Birthday Fly-In the 3Dprinter has been working overtime today.

Started out with a new canopy for Hoppy’s S800 Reptile flying wing (lost during flight)

then a new camera plate for the “almost” indestructible Pan/Tilt gimbal for my Raptor

and then a new engine mount & wing joiner for the Raptor as well

All the minor foam repair work is now completed so just need to repair the battery tray & reassemble it all before fixing the PIFF settings in the iNav Flight Controller.

By the time all this rainy weather goes the Raptor FPV should be ready for another iNav maiden test.