WHAT looked like a cold day  turned out to be not quite that, by 12 it was warm sorta   once again the canal at the floaters end was packed  but at the wheel chair mobs site there was ……………….NO ONE     a tad unusual               usually there’s a few with their carers  One can only guess that the ambulance buss drivers were on strike  we did have UNCLE G  the leader of that mob  sailing with us most of the morning heaping praise on our fair crew  understandably  because we let him handle a perfect sail boat MINE   and to be fair he sailed like a girl opps might not be able to say that in this  stupid climate  so he sailed like a man who wished he could  that should please the wankers   MR PREDATOR was on the hard so many times that bulldog RON  is in danger of loosing his billboard sign we were also without our esteemed MR MOOSE  WHO IS ALSO A CONTENDER FOR RONS REEF SIGN…   at the far end of the canal we all had a pleasant BBQ  with sunshine no wind except for DAVE who had a bit to give   an so ended another brilliant near perfect days sailing  and as usual so help me god this is all true